NTR Memorial Trust is a multi-faceted organization with a commitment to build a healthier, self empowered and self-reliant Andhra Pradesh. NTR has a mission to improve, expand and assist needy people in the areas of Healthcare, Education, Rural Empowerment, Relief and Rehabilitation operations.

NTR Memorial Trust believes that every human being has equal right and should be provided equal opportunities for leading a healthy life, getting necessary education and becoming financially independent. Keeping this basic philosophy in mind, NTR adopts a multiple approach strategy including several activities such as offering healthcare services, run blood donation camps, offer clean & safe drinking water and running entrepreneur development programmes for ensuring that the desires of the common man are effectively met.

NTR Trust Healthcare

NTR believes that primary healthcare services must reach everyone irrespective of their social or economic status. But the reality is different and villages & villagers bear the brunt. NTR Memorial Trust took up the mission to build a healthy Andhra Pradesh, on the ideals of the late N T Rama Rao, by trying to bridge the gap between villages and primary healthcare services. The Trust aims to addresses the current imbalance by focusing on remote tribal regions, villages and urban slums by providing basic and adequate health care thus help people realize their fundamental human rights.

NTR Memorial Trust Blood Bank
NTR Memorial Trust Blood Bank apart from offering blood free of cost to the poor & the underprivileged is also the first NGO-run blood bank in India to get the accreditation of the National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Healthcare Providers. The blood bank has been serving 30,000 patients of which 30 % has been supplied to cancer and thalassemia patients.

NTR Sujala
NTR Memorial Trust initiated a campaign ‘NTR Sujala’ to provide clean, safe drinking water by setting up Water Treatment Plants in villages affected by fluoride and salinity.

NTR Velegubata (Entrepreneur Development Programme)
In India, where over 300 million people are living below the poverty line and almost 40 million people are unemployed. Not much focus is rendered upon the required skill development of the youth including provision of right kind of information to potential entrepreneurs, creating necessary awareness among the youth, developing their capabilities, enhancing their confidence to venture into an enterprise, arranging for necessary technical and managerial training to them etc. In such a situation, NTR encourages the youth to come up with their entrepreneurial initiative the Trust promises to assist entrepreneurs to be able to fulfill their opportunity and dream. The pursuit of these opportunities and dreams requires an indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship.

NTR Memorial Trust will be carrying out these initiatives by involving the local community people and executing the programmes with the aid of public philanthropists and well established institutions in the respective fields.
The NTR Trust pledges to leave no stone unturned to fulfill their objectives of building a healthier, self empowered and self-reliant Andhra Pradesh and to provide and assist villages and villagers with services and requirements essential for healthy living.